Welcome Anton Paar!

🌐 We’re over the moon to unveil our latest partner for the European Young Engineers Conference! 🚀 Massive gratitude to Anton Paar for championing innovation and propelling the future leaders of engineering.

Anton Paar is a global leader in developing innovative solutions and manufacturing precision measuring devices for research, development, and quality control purposes worldwide. Specializing in density measurement, dissolved CO2 determination, flow properties analysis, and material deformability assessment, Anton Paar serves a diverse clientele ranging from prestigious academic institutions to prominent players in various industries such as soft drinks, breweries, petrochemicals, food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

With a commitment to excellence, Anton Paar invests significantly in research and development, allocating approximately 20% of its annual turnover to advance analytical solutions. The company operates nine production sites across Europe and the USA, continuously integrating cutting-edge technology with precise mechanical engineering. Notably, Anton Paar’s dedication extends beyond traditional sectors, evidenced by its creation of skills.lab, a football training simulator catering to both amateurs and professionals.

Operating in over 110 countries with 37 sales subsidiaries, Anton Paar boasts a global workforce of over 4,400 professionals dedicated to upholding product quality, reliability, and service standards. Owned by the philanthropic Santner Foundation since 2003, the company’s growth strategy includes strategic acquisitions to expand its measurement technology portfolio. Recent acquisitions include Dr. Kernchen GmbH, Petrotest Group, CSM Instruments SA, BaySpec Inc., SciAps Inc., Cilas, Quantachrome Instruments, AXO Dresden, and Brabender.

Having celebrated its centennial milestone in 2022, Anton Paar remains steadfast in its pursuit of innovation, poised to embark on the next century of pioneering advancements in precision engineering and scientific inquiry.