Our Conference takes place at the

Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering

Warsaw University of Technology



Wydział Inżynierii Chemicznej i Procesowej

Politechniki Warszawskiej

ul. Waryńskiego 1

00-645 Warszawa


Scientific Club of Chemical and Process Engineering (main organizer)

phone number +48 22-234-63-17

e-mail address:*

*Please, contact this email with all the questions connected with the organizational issues


The Organizing Committee consists of Members of the Scientific Club of Chemical and Process Engineering as well as PhD students.



Jan Bartha The head of the committee
Rafał Pakuła Budget
Robert Bitner Partnership
Dominika Kasprzak Logistics
Izabela Słomska Website and social media
Kinga Kalkowska Advertising, promotion and first contact with Speakers
Julita Tabor Invoicing
Piotr Cendrowski, Mateusz Bartczak EYEC Monograph
Mateusz Bartczak Visual identity and graphics