Welcome a special guest of 12th EYEC!

We are delighted to introduce  Dr. Francisco M. Fernandes as a special guest of the 12th European Young Engineers Conference!

Francisco M. Fernandes obtained a degree in Applied Chemistry and a MSci in Environmental Sciences from the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal. He has then joined Prof. Ruiz-Hitzky’s group at the Materials Science Institute of Madrid (CSIC) to pursue a PhD in Applied Physical Chemistry, focusing on the interface between biopolymers and clay minerals in bionanocomposite materials. In 2011, he integrated the Laboratory of Condensed Matter Chemistry (LCMCP) at Sorbonne Université as a post-doctoral fellow, under the guidance of Dr. N. Nassif, where he developed collagen-based materials by spray drying.  

Dr. Fernandes was appointed assistant professor in 2013 Sorbonne Université (Materials & Biology team at the LCMC), and passed his Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches in 2022. In 2016 he held a position of Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Physics at King’s College London. His current research interests revolve around the transformation of “classical” materials fabrication techniques into biofabrication techniques. In particular, he has developed a recognized expertise on ice templating applied to biological entities—from biomolecules up to living cells. Dr. Fernandes has authored of 47 research papers, 8 book chapters and is the co-inventor of 7 international patents. In 2023 he became editorial board member of Advanced Biology. He leads the Materials and Biology research group at Sorbonne since January 2024.  

We are delighted to have You on board, inspiring young engineers in the pursuit of knowledge. Stay tuned for more updates and join us in welcoming Francisco M. Fernandes to our conference! 🚀