Each Participant is allowed to give one or two presentations. Following combinations are possible:

  • One plenary session presentation,
  • One plenary session presentation and one poster presentation,
  • One poster presentation,
  • Two poster presentations.

Presentations are evaluated by the Scientific Commission in the following categories:

  • knowledge transfer (1–10 points): the Participant clearly states the motivation for the study, provides background needed to understand the research, shows proper understanding of the material, provides good explanations.
  • scientific value (1–10 points): potential of the presented research, innovation value, significance of the work to the field of study.
  • presentation design and organisation (1–5 points): structure, transitions, flow, appropriately used visual aids. The presentation is easily readable, relevant, informative and concise.
  • timing (1–5 points): the presentation is not too short and not too long, being kept within the time limits.
  • communication (1–10 points): clarity, pacing, engagement, voice level.
  • discussion (1–10 points): the Participant gives confident and effective responses to questions.

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