Jozsef Kupai, PhD- 9th EYEC Scientific Commission member

Jozsef Kupai, PhD

Jozsef Kupai from the Faculty of Chemical and Bioengineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics defended his PhD thesis ’Synthesis and application of chiral 18-crown-6 ethers containing a pyridine subunit’ in 2012 at the Faculty of Chemical and Bioengineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Since 2016 he is employed as an Assistant Professor at Deparment of Organic Chemistry and Technology.

He was a principal investigator (2013–2017) of the ‘ Synthesis and application of new thiourea, amide and sulfonamide type organocatalysts containing heterocycle subunits” National Research, Development and Innovation Office project financed by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. This grant was received excellent (10/10) quailification by the reviewers. Since then he is focused on the synthesis, application and recovery of cinchona-based organocatalysts.

In 2016 Dr. Kupai worked as a visiting academic in School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science at The University of Manchester, UK in the laboratory of Professor Gyorgy Szekely.

Jozsef Kupai is the co-author of 27 publications in peer-reviewed international journals, and has recently (2018) been awarded the Bolyai Research Fellowship by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He is a supervisor of 2 PhD students, 3 MSc and 7 BSc students and takes the Organic chemistry I and II lectures, practicals for foreign students at the university. 

Dr. Kupai is a Guest Editor of a Special Issue entitled ’Advances in Organocatalysts: Synthesis and Applications’ at the MDPI journal Materials, and Review Editor of the Separation Processes section of the journal Frontiers in Chemical Engineering. 

This year he won the prize for the best Hungarian article in the chemical field (the so-called Kisfaludy Prize) with his paper published in ACS Catalysis (IF=12.2).

9th Edition

We are very pleased to announce that the next, 9th EYEC edition will be held from the 20th to 22th of April, 2020 in Warsaw, Poland at the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology.

We look forward to sharing some more information with you very soon. We will try to do our best to offer visitors an even more rewarding experience with the upcoming, 9th edition of the Conference.


8th EYEC Monograph available online!

The 8th European Young Engineers Conference Monograph is now available online!

EYEC Monograph 2019 is an interdisciplinary book which contains papers written by participants of the 8. edition of the Conference. It covers all engineering subjects of the conference including:

process engineering
chemical engineering
process equipment
biomedical engineering
nanotechnologies & nanomaterials
bioprocess engineering
environment protection
material engineering
as well as other engineering disciplines.

The 8th EYEC Monograph is now published online on our website – click on the cover below: