Welcome Almara!

📢 We are thrilled to unveil another patron for the 12th edition of EYEC, with the generous support of Almara!

Almara is a Polish manufacturer of adhesives and compounds based on butyl rubber. The portfolio includes compounds that swell under the influence of water and fire, flame retardant/self-extinguishing compounds and compounds based on cross-linked rubber. The main industries served by the company are construction, automotive and household appliances. 

Almara is committed to delivering high-quality products and fostering close collaboration with customers to identify the best solutions for their needs.

Check out their website for more information:


Welcome Mars

We’re delighted to share that the 12th edition of #EYEC2024 has received support from the Mars.🌐

Mars is a family-owned company with more than a century
of history. Our best-known brands include, among others, Pedigree, Royal Canin, M&M’s, Snickers, Twix, Orbit, Skittles and Whiskas.
In total, there are more than 50 of them! We are one of the largest private companies in the world and a global FMCG market leader. 🚀🪐 

They have 5 modern factories in: Poznan, Sochaczew, Janaszowek, Blonie, Niepołomice and Global Services headquarters
in Warsaw. 🌟 

🏭🏢 With them you can develop in departments such as Supply Chain, Logistics, Engineering, Research and Development, Marketing, Finance, IT, Sales. 📈🔬 

At Mars, they believe that the world they want tomorrow starts with how they conduct business today, and these ambitions
are accompanied by the actions of more than 150,000 Associates
in 80 countries. 🌍 

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Welcome Ameya Rege!

We are delighted to introduce Ameya Rege as a special guest of the 12th European Young Engineers Conference! 🚀
Ameya Rege is the head of the research group on Atomistic and Microstructure Simulations at the Department of Aerogels and Aerogel Composites of the Institute of Materials Research at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). He is also a visiting senior lecturer (associate professor) at the School of Computer Science and Mathematics of the Keele University, UK. He completed his Ph.D. in mechanics at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany. Before starting his Ph.D., he studied aerospace engineering at the University of Southern California, U.S.A. He has also been a visiting academic fellow at the Cardiff University, U.K. under the HPC-Europa3 fellowship from the European Commission. He pursues research in multiscale materials modeling of soft materials and high-performance materials simulations. 

We are thrilled to have You on board. Stay tuned for more updates and join us in welcoming Ameya Rege to our conference!

Welcome Anton Paar!

🌐 We’re over the moon to unveil our latest partner for the European Young Engineers Conference! 🚀 Massive gratitude to Anton Paar for championing innovation and propelling the future leaders of engineering.

Anton Paar is a global leader in developing innovative solutions and manufacturing precision measuring devices for research, development, and quality control purposes worldwide. Specializing in density measurement, dissolved CO2 determination, flow properties analysis, and material deformability assessment, Anton Paar serves a diverse clientele ranging from prestigious academic institutions to prominent players in various industries such as soft drinks, breweries, petrochemicals, food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

With a commitment to excellence, Anton Paar invests significantly in research and development, allocating approximately 20% of its annual turnover to advance analytical solutions. The company operates nine production sites across Europe and the USA, continuously integrating cutting-edge technology with precise mechanical engineering. Notably, Anton Paar’s dedication extends beyond traditional sectors, evidenced by its creation of skills.lab, a football training simulator catering to both amateurs and professionals.

Operating in over 110 countries with 37 sales subsidiaries, Anton Paar boasts a global workforce of over 4,400 professionals dedicated to upholding product quality, reliability, and service standards. Owned by the philanthropic Santner Foundation since 2003, the company’s growth strategy includes strategic acquisitions to expand its measurement technology portfolio. Recent acquisitions include Dr. Kernchen GmbH, Petrotest Group, CSM Instruments SA, BaySpec Inc., SciAps Inc., Cilas, Quantachrome Instruments, AXO Dresden, and Brabender.

Having celebrated its centennial milestone in 2022, Anton Paar remains steadfast in its pursuit of innovation, poised to embark on the next century of pioneering advancements in precision engineering and scientific inquiry.

Welcome a special guest of 12th EYEC!

We are delighted to introduce  Dr. Francisco M. Fernandes as a special guest of the 12th European Young Engineers Conference!

Francisco M. Fernandes obtained a degree in Applied Chemistry and a MSci in Environmental Sciences from the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal. He has then joined Prof. Ruiz-Hitzky’s group at the Materials Science Institute of Madrid (CSIC) to pursue a PhD in Applied Physical Chemistry, focusing on the interface between biopolymers and clay minerals in bionanocomposite materials. In 2011, he integrated the Laboratory of Condensed Matter Chemistry (LCMCP) at Sorbonne Université as a post-doctoral fellow, under the guidance of Dr. N. Nassif, where he developed collagen-based materials by spray drying.  

Dr. Fernandes was appointed assistant professor in 2013 Sorbonne Université (Materials & Biology team at the LCMC), and passed his Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches in 2022. In 2016 he held a position of Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Physics at King’s College London. His current research interests revolve around the transformation of “classical” materials fabrication techniques into biofabrication techniques. In particular, he has developed a recognized expertise on ice templating applied to biological entities—from biomolecules up to living cells. Dr. Fernandes has authored of 47 research papers, 8 book chapters and is the co-inventor of 7 international patents. In 2023 he became editorial board member of Advanced Biology. He leads the Materials and Biology research group at Sorbonne since January 2024.  

We are delighted to have You on board, inspiring young engineers in the pursuit of knowledge. Stay tuned for more updates and join us in welcoming Francisco M. Fernandes to our conference! 🚀

Welcome Scientific Commission member!

🌟 Special Announcement! 🎉
We’re delighted to welcome our Special Guest Grzegorz Izydorczyk as our newest member of The Scientific Commission at the European Young Engineers Conference! 🤝

Dr. Eng. Grzegorz Izydorczyk – an assistant professor in the Department of Advanced Materials Technology at Worcław University of Science and Technology and Technical Head
at the PCA and ILAC-MRA accredited Chemical Laboratory for Multielement Analysis. His scientific activities include the development of agrochemical technologies for sustainable
agriculture, e.g., by exploiting the phenomenon of allelopathy or by valorizing biowaste, and the evaluation of the effects of new agrochemicals on plant stress and soil health. Specialist
in instrumental analysis using ICP-OES, AAS, IC, TCD techniques. Co-author of 48 scientific publications, 5 patents and 5 patent applications.

With his expertise and passion for advancing scientific knowledge, we’re certain he’ll enrich our discussions and inspire attendees. Get ready for insightful sessions and engaging conversations at #EYEC2024! 🔬 #ScientificExcellence #InnovationLeaders