Careers Service of Warsaw University of Technology – 8th EYEC patronage

Today we would like to present to you our first 8th EYEC patronage - Careers Service of Warsaw University of Technology. It is a platform providing students and graduates of our University with all the information about the potential career path, preparation for a job interview, possibilities for a future job or creating application documents such as CV and a cover letter. It also helps employers with an easy access to WUT students - the website allows them to post job, internship, traineeship and temporary work offers. There are dozens of only current offers available each day. For details please visit their website.

We are delighted to prolong our cooperation for the next edition of the Conference. Stay tuned for some further updates!

8th European Young Engineers Conference

We are very pleased to announce that the next, 8th EYEC edition will be held from the 8th to 10th of April, 2019 in Warsaw, Poland at the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology.

The previous, 7th EYEC edition was a very successful one, bringing together 113 participants from all over Europe, with a total number of 69 oral and 101 poster presentations given. The event also had the honor of welcoming 5 Special Guests, who presented very inspiring lectures.

We look forward to sharing some more information with you very soon. We will try to do our best to offer visitors an even more rewarding experience with the upcoming, 8th edition of the Conference.

Monograph & Photos of the 7th EYEC

EYEC Monograph of the 7th European Young Engineers Conference is available online!

EYEC Monograph 2018 is an interdisciplinary book which contains papers written by EYEC participants from the 7. Edition of the Conference. It covers all engineering subjects of the conference including:

  • process engineering
  • chemical engineering
  • process equipment
  • biomedical engineering
  • nanotechnologies & nanomaterials
  • bioprocess engineering
  • environment protection
  • material engineering

as well as other engineering disciplines.

EYEC Monograph is published online on our website in .pdf format - click on the Monograph below:

Monograph 2017

EYEC 2018 Conference photos are now available for viewing too!

Best oral and poster presentations!


We are pleased to announce the winners of the 7th European Young Engineers Conference!


1st place award for Melinda Pázmándi

2nd place award for Jacek Wojnarowicz

Distinction for Björn Lewandowski


1st award for Agnieszka Chodara

2nd award for Maciej Bik

Distinction for Paulina Pędziwiatr

Congratulations to all of you!

Thank you all for your participation and hard work. We hope to see you again next year.

Excellent statuettes were made by Koło Naukowe Druku 3D. Thank you very much for your support! Check out another great 3D print models made by them.

Nanonet – Patron of EYEC 2018


We are happy to announce that we are under the patronage of NANONET Foundation! It is a part of Silesian Nano Cluster and as you can easily guess its main goal is to support nanoscience of every type - be it by connecting together industry, science and governors or leading innovative projects. One of the strongest parts of NANONET are people - the team working at foundation but also many others who support them, cooperate to bring nanoscience to everyone. They are also leading the biggest polish website connected to nanotechnology.
Nanonet website.

Ministry of Science and Higher Education


We are proud to tell you that one of our patrons is part of polish government - Ministry of Science and Higher Education. This patronage is very important for us, as it is a clear sign that our conference is important to the country. If you want to learn a bit more about this part of polish government and its work for science please do visit their website.