Details of Article

Scientific article must be experiment-based publication. Deciding to use this form of communication, author should avoid long and descriptive introduction and focus on describing the results and its impact on scientific world.

Monograph article might be a result of experiments, so called experiments-based article or a result of literature review, co called review article. Please note, that it is possible to prepare a paper mixing these two formats in one monograph paper.

Basic requirement

Scientific article: Paper should be minimum 10000 characters long (with spaces) or minimum 5 pages long (with figures and literature list).

Monograph article: Paper should be minimum 20000 characters long (with spaces) or minimum 10 pages long (including figures and literature list).

Edition Style

  1. Document should be in .docx format, font: Times New Roman, font size: 11 points, line spacing: 1.15,
  2. B5 paper size: 17.6 cm x 25.0 cm,
  3. Margins: top 2 cm, bottom 2 cm, left 3 cm and right 2 cm,
  4. Indents: 1.5 cm,
  5. Scientific units should be written in SI (e.g. kg, m3).
  6. Captions should be abbreviated, e.g.: 1., Fig. 1., figure captions should be below the figures and table heads should appear above the tables.
  7. References in text should be numbered in the order of appearance in the text and indicated by a numeral or numerals in square brackets, e.g., [1], [2,3] or [4-6].
  8. All figures placed in the text should be in gray scale and resolution equal 300 DPI. Maximum figures size should be 12 cm width and 12 cm height. In some cases it is allowed to make figures with more than 12 cm height. Also, all figures should be sent separately in .jpg format. Please make sure that your prepared graphs or photographs are transparent and understandable for the reader.
  9. References should be in following format: Authors, Title of paper/Chapter in the book, Journal title/Book title and publisher/Conference proceedings, year, volume, issue, pages. Look at examples below.

Example of article:

Fleischer S., Feiner R., Shapira A., Ji J., Sui X., Wagner H.D., Dvir T., Spring-like fibers for cardiac tissue engineering, Biomaterials, 2013, 34, 34, 8599-8609

Example of book:

Ciach T., Geerse K.B., Marijnissen J.C.M., Chapter in the book: Application of electrospray in nanoparticle production, Nanostructured materials, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002

Example of conference proceeding:

Faliszewski K., Wojasiński M., Ciach T., Influence of process parameters on the size and morphology of poly-L-lactic acid nanofibers obtained by solution blow spinning, European Young Engineers Conference – 2nd Edition Proceedings, 2013, 1, 1, 77-82

Paper format

Monograph article should contain following details:

  1. Title,
  2. Authors (first full name and surname),
  3. Affiliation (e.g. Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, Warynskiego 1, 00-645 Warsaw),
  4. Contact information (author’s e-mail),
  5. Abstract: summary of the paper (150-200 words),
  6. Key words: list three to seven pertinent words specific to the article,
  7. Main text,
  8. Literature.

Main text should be divided for following paragraphs with headings:

  1. Introduction,
  2. Materials and methods,
  3. Results,
  4. Conclusions.

Papers prepared without meeting above mentioned conditions will be rejected.

Remember: All above detailed information are included in Article template, please use it to prepare suitable article. Article template you can download here: