Welcome Żak Radio!

We’re pleased to announce another media patronage of the 12th edition of EYEC with the support of Żak Radio! 🎧

Student Radio Żak of the Łódź University of Technology is one of the oldest academic radio stations in Poland. You can listen to them on 88.8 MHz in and around Łódź, and via the Internet all over the world. Żak is the only radio station in Poland fully managed by students themselves, who do not receive any remuneration for their work, as their activity is based on voluntary work. Their programming boasts original programmes on cultural, social, musical, sporting and journalistic topics.

In addition to strictly radio activities, Żak also organises and publicises concerts. It co-hosts or patronises events such as the All-Polish Student Review of Tourist Songs YAPA, the Explorers Festival, the 20th International Festival of Pleasant and Unpleasant Arts. In 2014, we received the ‘Point for Lodz’ in the category of institutions.

We’re delighted to have Żak Radio join us as a media patron for the 12th edition of EYEC, enriching our conference with their distinctive voice and perspective.

Stay tuned for more updates and engaging content! 🎙️

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