8th EYEC winners!

Sadly, the 8th EYEC edition has come to an end. On behalf of the whole EYEC Organizing Committee many thanks to all Participants, Patrons and Partners for making this happen. We hope the Conference was an opportunity for you not only to increase the knowledge but also to make new friendships.

The winners of the 8th EYEC edition are:

1st place award for Bartosz Nowak
for the work entitled
Influence of MTMS-based aerogel structure on properties of modified filter
2nd place award for Anna Górska
for the work entitled
High sensitive AdSV determination of iron in presence of azo compound on renewable mercury film electrode
3rd place award for Gyula Dargó
for the work entitled
Synthesis of new, axial and central chiral (thio)squaramides, and their application as organocatalysts in enantioselective reactions
1st award for Marcin Gerlich
for the work entitled
New explosives precursors: investigation of the possibility of obtaining pyrotechnic mixtures and explosives using substances not covered by European regulations
2nd award for Maciej Bik
for the work entitled
Oxidation studies of coatings based on SiAlOC glasses
3rd place award for Urszula Szałaj
for the work entitled
Water vapour adsorption on HAP nanocrystals

Congratulations to all of you! Hope to see you next year as well!