Welcome a member of the Scientific Commission!

We regret to inform that for reasons independent of Us Scientific Comission member Nikou Hamzehpour PhD will not appear at #EYEC2024. In her stead, Paulina Trzaskowska PhD Eng, will be present. 

Paulina Trzaskowska PhD Eng will take place as a member of a scientific commission of the 12th European Young Engineers Conference! 

Paulina Trzaskowska PhD Eng. is a biomaterial engineer working as an assistant professor in Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT, Warsaw University of Technology. After doctoral defence at Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering in 2018, she continued her work on obtaining and enhancing biomaterials intented to function with living cells and tissues. Her expertise lays in studying biointerfaces with specials regards to cell-biomaterial interaction. She has developed several well-functioning biocompatible and hemocompatible coatings on polymers and metals. These coatings, obtained in situ directly on the biomaterials surface, has been proven to be robust and performing very well towards cells and blood, significantly reducing blood clotting. Dr Trzaskowska also holds experience in stem cells differentiation in contact with bioactive implants. Recently she has been working on rapid endothelialization on metallic biomaterials in collaboration with University Hospital Erlangen. She has more than 30 published works.  

As we approach the day of our event, we welcome another scientist whose knowledge and experience will undoubtedly be a great addition to our conference. Stay tuned for more updates and join us in welcoming Paulina Trzaskowska to our distinguished team!