The National Centre for Research and Development

The National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) is an executive agency.

For over 10 years the Centre has linked the word of science and business, creating suitable conditions for research and development projects. Through the co-financing of R&D processes, it supports Polish entrepreneurs, significantly reducing their business risk accompanying the implementation of
ground-breaking research projects.

The mission of the National Centre for Research and Development is to implement tasks serving the social and economic development of Poland and solving specific civilisation problems of its inhabitants. The NCBR plays the role of Intermediate Institution in the operational programmes:
Smart Growth and Knowledge Education Development. It also implements a range of domestic and international programmes, as well as projects related to national security and defence.

With an annual budget for R&D works amounting to EUR 1 billion, the NCBR is currently the largest centre in the country and region for supporting the development of science and the economy.
More information on the NCBR website.