Łukasiewicz-Instytut Chemii Przemysłowej

Łukasiewicz – Institute of Industrial Chemistry named after Professor Ignacy Moscicki in Warsaw is the heir to the METAN Company and the Chemical Research Institute, established in 1916 in Lviv on the initiative of Professor Ignacy Moscicki.In June 2020, the Pharmaceutical Institute and the Institute of Biotechnology and Antibiotics, which belong to the Lukasiewicz Research Network, were incorporated into Lukasiewicz – IChP.Scope of activities:- Scientific research, industrial research and development work in the fields of chemical and technical sciences, pharmacy and biotechnology- Development of technologies for the manufacture of generic medicinal products- Production of active substances, including biopharmaceuticals and new-generation vaccines- Manufacturing of the cytostatic drug Biodribin® used against hairy cell leukemia- Commercialization and implementation of R&D results into industrial practice- Development of analyses and expert opinions and provision of consulting services in the field of chemistry and chemical technology- Scientific and research cooperation with domestic and foreign entitiesStrategic areas of activity:- Modern polymeric materials and composites- Recycling and zero-emission technologies- Electromobility – hydrogen fuel cells and electrochemical energy sources- Biomedical technologies, household chemistry- Pharmacy, Cosmetic Chemistry and BiotechnologyAdditional research areas:- Applied electrochemistry- Research on the properties of plastics’- Pilot and low-volume production- Modeling of technological processes- Chemical expertise and analysis- Pharmaceutical analytics- Development strategies for industries, raw materials and chemical productsŁukasiewicz – Instytut Chemii Przemysłowej imienia Profesora Ignacego Mościckiegoul. Rydygiera 801-793 Warszawatel. +48 568 23 93ichp@ichp.plhttps://ichp.lukasiewicz.gov.pl