Jakub Waldemar Trzciński, PhD.

He studied biotechnology and chemistry. In 2014, he obtained a Ph.D. in chemistry at the Chemistry Department at Università Degli Studi di Parma (Italy), working on supramolecular receptors. During his postdoctoral internships, his research focused on synthesizing gold, silver, silica, and polymeric nanomaterials as synthetic vaccines, antimicrobial agents, and drug carriers. In 2019, he joined the group at the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering. He researches surface chemistry and metallic, inorganic, and polymer nanostructures as drug carriers, vaccines, sensors, and biomaterial precursors.

Adrian Macion

Member of the Board of Warsaw Society of Biotechnology SymbiozaPresident of Molecular Biology Student ClubFaculty of Biology, University of WarsawEditor-in-Chief and co-Founder of Student Scientific Journal Eureka!Management Representative for Student ClubsStudent CouncilStudent during his Master‘s Degree in Biology (specialization – Molecular Biology) at the University of Warsaw, president of Molecular Biology Students’ Association in 2019/20 and 2020/21, member of the Board of Warsaw Society of Biotechnology “Symbioza”.

MD PhD Ewa Talarek

Assistant Professor in the Department of Children’s Infectious Diseases, Medical University in Warsaw. Pediatrician in the District Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Warsaw. Member of the Polish Society of Vaccinology.