The Old Town Walking Tour

First time in Warsaw?

Whether it is or not, we’re sure you’d be glad to see one of the most charming places in Poland’s capital city – the Old Town. We would love for you to join us for a walk around this historical part of Warsaw. This year we’ve prepared a Walking Game for you:

The war of fake news continues. Using websites and smartphones (based, by the way, on an invention of a Polish-born engineer) neighbours of Warsaw are spreading rumors that the capital city became popular only thanks to moviemakers, bikers and pet owners.

But the truth is different. It is hiding in the quiet scientists’ offices, chemical laboratories and city archives.

It’s not too late yet: down the streets of Warsaw stroll three characters that will give you the keys to this enigma. Find them, collect the hints and help the City Council  prove that it was science that made Warsaw into a bustling with life metropolis.

We shall meet next to the Copernicus Monument at 20:00 on Monday, 8 April. You cannot miss it!


Look for Copernicus at 20:00!