Workshops for EYEC participants

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EYEC 2016

We are glad to inform, that during the 5th edition of the European Young Engineers Conference Participants will be able to attend in one chosen workshop from the listed below:

1. “How to create your personal brand” conducted by Monika Bębnowska (MB Konsulting)


A brand is anything—a symbol, design, sound, reputation, emotion… And when it is a name, your name, it will be your ‘personal brand’. It refers to the way other people see you as a business owner or a business partner or representative of an idea or a project. Are you a genius? An expert? Are you trustworthy? What do you represent? What do you stand for? What ideas and notions pop up as soon as someone hears your name?

When you have a personal brand, people recognize and care about your name, what you’re working on, what you offer, and what you’re about. This workshop will help give you the tools to build your personal brand.

We will discuss:

– why should you build your personal brand,

– how to create your personal vision,

– how to define your target audience,

– how to build up your social graph.

We will work in groups and individually, analyze case studies and brain storm. Bring some markers, curiosity and engagement.

Remember, Be Yourself Because Everyone Else Is Taken. See you on the workshop!

Monika Bebnowska, business trainer-  has over 13 years experience in Public Relations. She specializes in crisis communication, corporate PR and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Monika provides trainings for corporate clients in crisis communication, PR project management, aswell as in media relations with “in front of the camera” workshop. She develops and implements crisissimulations in organizations. She is a moderator of strategic sessions for creating CSR strategies,stakeholders mapping, brand communication and others. Monika is an university tutor of PR projectbudgeting at the Warsaw School of Economics. She was also a lecturer at the London School of PublicRelations (Warsaw quarter) and at the Academy of Marketing Communications led by the Associationof Marketing Communication SAR.

In trainings conducted by Monika participated managerial staff and PR professionals from suchcompanies like: 3M, AkzoNobel, Avon, Electrolux, Hispano-Suiza Polska, HJ Heinz, National Atomic Energy Agency, Skoda Auto Poland, Wrigley and Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN.

Monika graduated from the Catholic University of Lublin in German philology and completedscholarships in Switzerland (Catholic University of Fribourg) and Germany (Pädagogische Hochschule Dresden).

Monika also spent 18 months in Bogota, Colombia as a volunteer coordinator and co-director at Emerging Voices Foundation, supporting children in local communities.

2. “Self-knowledge in entrepreneurship and career management” conducted by Damian Dubiak (Skilltom)

Knowledge about your strengths and weaknesses is one of the most important skills helpful in future career. It is important for us to know how can we achieve the best possible results using our strengths or just what we should not do. You can use this knowledge to choose better career path or just to achieve better results with satisfaction. But you can also use it in your entrepreneurial path, where you create more value by yourself or with your team. During our meeting we will speak about strengths and weaknesses which everyone has and how we use it to create more value in your career or business.

Damian Dubiak

Enterpreneur and business trainer. More than 9 years of experience in entrepreneurship,  management and business development (e-learning and IT industry). Founder and managing director of Skilltom –e-learning company based in Poland, which supports organizations by providing them sort of proffesional e-learning solutions and services.

3. “Where and how to look for information – why some people will and some won’t share their knowledge” conducted by Dorota Gierej (BioTech Management Consulting)


We live in the age of information. Information is sold but may be also acquired “for free”. Where to look for information and why the Internet is not enough? What are the reasons behind decisions to reveal information? How to verify information and why is it crucial? How this applies to academic life and the rest of the world?

This spring! Are you ready to relive your publications’ reading sessions, once again in the whole new light? There are 3 truths in the world… (rated PG13)

Dorota Gierej

Dorota Gierej, PhD – Biotech Management Consulting (BMC) partner, has 5 years’ experience ininnovation management. At BMC responsible mostly for market potential analysis and a strategy building in the projects for BMC clients. She was business technology analyst and proxy for BTM Mazowsze, technology transfer specialist at Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS and clinical research specialist (clinical trials monitoring) at Astra Zeneca. At Nencki Institute she was responsible for finding and analysing projects with application potential as well as for the intellectual property management. She is also the co-founder of Quanteam Laboratorium Mikrobiologiczne (microbiology laboratory). She obtained a MEng in industrial biotechnology at Warsaw University of Technology and a MSc in biotechnology at University of Warsaw. She holds a PhD degree in biological sciences, in the field of neurobiology, obtained at Nencki Institute. She won “Warszawa Potencjałem Innowacji” (Warsaw Innovation Potential City) competition and has been granted the Network of European Neuroscience Schools scholarship.


4. “From natural authority to personal branding – what really matters in building your image in business environment and personal life” conducted by Zuzanna Mazurek (4Value Business Consulting)


Practical guidelines on what your personal image depends on and how to build natural authority in your environment. What in particular builds the authority of an engineer? How to consciously change it or shape it?

  • Self-esteem as an element of social roles and interactions. Techniques of improving your self- esteem, the self-esteem of your colleagues and clients.
  •  The 5 pillars of natural authority which influence your personality and shape your personal development potential.
  • The authority of an engineer: how I am perceived and how I would like to be perceived by my environment.
  •  Personal Branding. What does it mean? Is it for everyone?


Zuzanna Mazurek (4Value Business Consulting), certified story coach, fully qualified business trainer and communications specialist. Member and Spokesperson for International Coach Federation (ICF) Poland. For over 10 years Zuzanna worked in public relations. During that time she was responsible forgovernment affairs, community relations and sponsoring. She supported members of the management Board in their public appearances. She worked with such brands as Citi Handlowy, Microsoft, Gillette, Airbus, FedEx or PKO BP SA bank. A a coach, she works with individuals as well as groups. She supports her clients in achieving their goals, finding solutions which suit them best and implementing them into their lives. Basing on her story coach expertise, she accompanies her clients in finding their stories and creating new ones. She also helps find a personal way of communicating, which aims at building the engagement of the audience – current and potential clients, business partners, as well as teams and allies within the workenvironment.

Andrzej Kochanek (CEO and co-founder of 4Value Business Consulting), business trainer, consultant, coach, mentor and manager specializing in development strategies, effective sales, innovations and personal development. For 17 years he had been at senior managerial positions, such as Sales Head and Managing Director, in large public companies, as well as in other Polish and multinational enterprises. He completed Executive MBA of Illinois State University and Łódź Technical University. From 2010 to 2011 he was Member of the Management Board of the Farmacja Polska (Polish Pharmacy) Chamber of Commerce. He has extensive business experience in management and profound knowledge on leadership, mentoring, and psychological basis for achieving goals.