Citizens of Academia


Citizens of Academia is a social movement established by academics and researchers working in a variety of disciplines at various universities and research centres. Their goal is to initiate a broad debate on the future of Academia in Poland, a discussion free from the influence of ideology, partisan politics and media sensation. The Citizens of Academia movement aims to create a forum for dialogue among members of Poland’s academic community in order to develop a common stance on key issues regarding the future of academia. The informal and non-political social movement offers the best opportunity for a participatory, broad-based analysis of the current situation and for outlining a course for future changes.

CA initiating group: Piotr Bentkowski (UW, UEA), Marcin Grynberg (IBB PAN), Ewa Klekot (UW), Anna Muszewska (CeNT UW), Łukasz Niesiołowski-Spano (UW), Grzegorz Pac (UAM), Aneta Pieniądz (UW), Bartosz Sokoliński (TO.BE Group sp. z o.o.), Rafał Szymczak (Profile Sp. z o.o.)