9th EYEC Special Guests

Prof. Andrzej Stankiewicz

Full Professor and Chair of Process Intensification at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, and former Director of TU Delft Process Technology Institute. With more than 40 years of industrial and academic research experience he is an author of numerous scientific publications on process intensification, chemical reaction engineering and industrial catalysis.

Prof. Stankiewicz is one of the pioneers of process intensification. He is the principal author and co-editor of the world’s first book on Process Intensification. The book was in 2012 translated to Chinese. Prof. Stankiewicz is also the author of the first full-size academic course on Process Intensification.

He is Editor of Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification (Elsevier) and Series Editor of the Green Chemistry Books Series (Royal Society of Chemistry). He was the founder and first Chairman of the Working Party on Process Intensification at the European Federation of Chemical Engineering. He currently chairs the Board of the European Process Intensification Centre (EUROPIC).

Current research interests of Prof. Stankiewicz focus on control of molecular interactions and intensification of chemical reactions using electricity-based energy fields (e.g. laser, microwave, UV). The research in that area has brought him prestigious Advanced Investigator Grant from the European Research Council.

More recently, Prof. Stankiewicz has initiated and coordinates the H2020 “ADREM” project on methane valorization using alternative forms of energy in modular catalytic reactors.

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Seyfang

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Seyfang received his Diploma from Universität Karlsruhe (TH), specialising in chemical reaction engineering and electrochemical engineering. He then joined Paul-Scherrer-Institut to work on the simplification on polymer electrolyte fuel cell and received his PhD from ETH Zürich. Ten years of industrial experience, in a start-up company and in an enterprise producing chemical and pharmaceutical products, resulted in several publications covering topics about process engineering in industrial applications.

Since April 2018 Bernhard Seyfang is professor for chemical reaction engineering at TH Bingen, a university of applied sciences cooperating with the whole range of chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the wider area around Frankfurt. His research and development interests cover process optimisation procedures, surface characterisation of additively manufactured devices for process engineering applications as well as extraction centrifuges.