SW Research


Market Research and Opinion Agency “SW Research” is a leader and precursor of social studies on-line. The company offers professional research and information solutions, and also analytical and advisory services. SW Research realizes quantitative and qualitative studies too. SW Research owns research panels: SW Panel (swpanel.pl) and StudentsWatch.pl with a total of over 110 thousand active users. SW Research has also 3S system, which is used for studies of the type: CAWI, CAPI, CATI and CASI. It provides new opportunities to ask questions and to get fast results using “mixed mode” model. As one of the first agencies in Poland they also introduce research using a proprietary mobile application - SW Mobi. For four years they have been a technological partner of the plebiscite called “Employer Engineer” implemented within the framework of Engineering Job Fair.

You can find more information about SW Research on their website and facebook account.