Special guest PhD. Eng. Anna Zalewska

The conference is slowly drawing near and we have new special guests to announce! PhD. Eng. Anna Zalewska will present a speech about “Innovative screening device for high-sensitive chemical vapors detection“. She is a specialist in the field of explosives and has a well-established expertise in the detection of explosives vapors. To know more visit … Read more

Special guest Prof. Bałdyga

We want to announce that our second special guest at the 4th edition of EYEC is going to be Prof. PhD. Eng. Jerzy Bałdyga. Prof. Bałdyga will present a lecture about “Mixing and agitation effects in product engineering.“ If you want to learn more, go to our special guests page.

Sending abstracts

Important info to all participants: remember to send your abstracts to this e-mail address: eyec.monograph@ichip.pw.edu.pl If you’ve used a different one than the one above fear not, because all abstracts send till now to our other e-mails have been registered and are waiting to be accepted. But from now on, we kindly request using the … Read more

Next partner

Our next partner for 4th European Young Engineers Conference is Association of Graduates and Friends of the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology. You can find more information about their work by clicking their logo in the partners section or opening this post and simply using the link.