Copernicus Science Centre – 8th EYEC honorary patronage

April is getting closer and closer! The next Honorary Patronage of the Conference that we’d like to present to you is Copernicus Science Centre, an institution based in Warsaw, which was opened in 2010. Known as a real treat for science lovers, it is one of the largest and most modern institutions of that kind in Europe. CSC contains hudreds of interactive exhibits that enable visitors to broaden their scientific knowledge and to discover the laws of science for themselves. The Centre’s main value is to ‘inspire people to observe, experiment, ask questions and seek answers‘. 

Each year since 2008, the Copernicus Science Centre, together with Polish Radio, organizes the Science Picnic that is known as Europe’s largest outdoor science-popularization event.

Overall, CSC is an institution that provides the finest possible experience to the million visitors it welcomes every year and that strengthens the relationship between science and society. To get to know more, please visit the website.